Youth Division

Establishing a bridge between the Youth at home and the United Nations - this means representing values, traditions and cultural heritage of Armenia in the UN Structure while spreading the values, principles and programs of the UN in our country!

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This is Youth Division

Qualified Non-Formal Education

With our vast experience in Human Rights seminars, we can provide professional Non-Formal Education to ensure the progress of our members within Youth Division and in their professional life!

Official frame of UN Association

Being part of the Armenian UN Association, our events and seminars can not only benefit from this expertise but also it ensures the value of our certificates.

Unique community for Armenian Youth

Get to know youngsters who are trying to make a change in their community and our Nations as a whole! You will have a lot of fun and will be able to create a unique network for your future!

International Conferences

You will have the opportunity to participate in International conferences, such as Model United Nations all over the world or Human Rights Seminars in the headquarter of WFUNA in Geneva!


We, the Youth of Armenia, united under the Youth division of Armenian UN Association, pursue the objective of directing the vital potential and energy of the new generation to development of UN related actions in Armenian society, and thus making the impact of AUNA activity stronger and more comprehensive. We believe that the ideals cherished by UN should be central and primary to all nations. Turning these values into fundamental elements of policies, processes and lives of people is an essential and irreplaceable step for our progress, our prosperity, our planet. Change in the ways minds think and the methods we wield is a necessary action which must be executed. We acknowledge that the youth segment of society is the only force which is capable of leading this change in consciousness in their communities and in our nation as a whole.

The Team

Armine Podosyan

President of AUNA

Natalie Sahakyan

Head of Youth Division

Vincent Winterhager


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