It’s a girl


On the 8th of December, 2016, “It’s a girl”  training-seminar was held in the conference hall of Center for European Studies, Yerevan State University, which was organized and implemented by AUNA Youth Division members. The aim of the project was dedicated to the sex-selective abortions which is one of the fundamental issues that exists in gender equality in Armenia.

“It’s a girl”  identified responses to how the challenges of sex selective abortions can be managed in youth work in order to ensure a society without sex selective abortions. The training was focused on the specific challenges faced by young people in families when it comes to the issues of sex selective abortions. It was focused on working against this issue. The training-seminar was a good opportunity for the participants to get detailed knowledge on the topic not only in the theoretical but also in the psychological context. The main goals of  the training-seminar  were to raise awareness on sex selective abortions among young people and to empower young people to openly address topics related to sex selective abortions.In the frames of the project there were cooperations with United Nations Population Fund Armenia (UNFPA) and Save the Children Armenia. Their professional specialists took part in our training and read a lecture about the topic. We also made a short movie about sex selective abortions and had a photo shoot with kindergarten children with special messages in their hands.